Book Award

Every spring, YAANW awards books to over 70 local high school juniors chosen by their principals and counselors for outstanding character and intellectual promise. The Yale Book Award program serves to bring Yale to the attention of school advisors and area juniors who are good prospects for admission. While many of Yale’s alumni chapters run a Book Award Program, YAANW is proud to run one of the most ambitious programs designed to reach recipients from all parts of Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and eastern North Dakota.

In addition to a book chosen from a select number of Yale authors, students receive a personalized bookplate, a brochure on Yale College, and a congratulatory letter inviting the student to learn more about Yale and often containing a message provided by the book’s author. The books, which are paid for by the YAANW treasury, are delivered to the schools for presentation at awards ceremonies.

The program is very well received by administrators and students alike. We are pleased to hear many counselors express their enthusiasm for the project each year. Their stories suggest that it is an inspiration for juniors to learn that their hard work can be recognized. When possible, we share their stories and photos on our Twitter feed. Many students view the receipt of the YAANW Book Award as a sign they are on the right path toward additional recognition during their senior year.

Yale alumni can help with this program my making a specific donation and/or by volunteering to present an award. A number of alumni volunteer to make the award presentations at the high school award ceremonies. Many thanks go out to our alumni volunteers for their effort to build relationships with area high schools and prospective students.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or getting involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.